Friday, October 17, 2014

6,500 miles and four weeks on the road. Amazing sights into the Canadian rockies and beyond!

This summer we departed Los Angeles on our bikes and hit the road for almost four weeks as we zig zagged 6,500 miles up into the canadian rockies and then back into michigan. It was a wild ride with the most jaw dropping sights i've ever laid eyes on. Truely God's country. Long live the road couch mother ship, rolling over 72,000 on this trip. 

on the ice field parkway between banff and jasper, prettiest stretch of road in the WORLD! no jokin' either, look it up!

yes i brought an ice chest and yes it was totally un necessary and always got in the way.

get a load of that color water! CRAZY!

 beautiful painting in the lobby of the chateo (sp?) lake louise.

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