Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Black Gold" pt.1

Stopped by my boy Lumpy's bike shop again last night and scored another $30 pile-o-parts to tinker with. Got some high rise narrow bars, a white banana seat & brace, a single speed crank/sprocket and chain, front 20" wheel with NOS white wall tire and a 24" coaster brake white wall out back, and the crowning turd, a 1980's AMF road bike lovingly named "Black Gold"

It handles worse than any bike i've ever riden, pulls hard to the left, is geared too low, but man does it look like a million bucks. A real muscle bike stance going on.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tigers under the Bridge


Coronas, chips and guack in the shadow of the big bridge. Premium bicycle parking at the ball park, sneakin' beers in under the vest. Nose bleed seats surrounded by an 8th grade field trip. Verlander throwing a no-hitter all the way into the 9th with two outs left, some schmuck gets on first, bastard.  Fire works at the end of the game, bang bang boom boom. It was a good Friday. Long live the Road Couch Mother Ship.

More Blue Cruze

I love this thing!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Still high on the blue cruize build, I decided to get started on the Western Flyer i've had lying around. Well, my buddie had it lying around originally, his brother trash picked it when he was still in high school, and it had been sitting in his garage since then... until I asked him if I could refurbish it.

Took it on down to Lumpy's bike shop and scored an almost identical Sears purple donor bike, which I used to swap out a decently good set of wheels and way chromier handlebars, as well as the front fender i was missing. Took it down to the frame in an evening and spent the rest of the next day covering myself in tiny little shards of steel wool, which gets everywhere I found out. Yesterday I picked up a NOS Schwinn spitfire tire for the front, and some gnarly dirt tire for the back, and called over Evan to lend a hand in the final assembly. Put her together in no time at all and immediately took blue cruize and the purple wheelie puller out for a spin, followed by a pretty intense wheelie contest session.

Finally put all back together. This thing cleaned up real nice, way better than how it looked when I first got it. 

Three of a kind.

mRnLsA on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Also, half the reason Evan came over was to show me his new whip, which looked extra sexy all dressed up in red.

It was a good day.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Blue Cruze a.k.a Baby Blue a.k.a. The Blue Mover

Scored a 70's huffy road bike off of craigslist about a year ago for $15. Everything worked on it (for the most part) and the tires even held air! Road it around for a while but hated the road bike stance, always leaning forward on your wrists and having that god awful seat tear you a new one... I knew something had to be done.

Went in to my local used bike store for a new set of handle bars, and before i knew it, i was walking out with new handlebars, a stem to fit, a 24" front wheel, a 26" rear coaster brake wheel with new tire + tube, a blue metal flake banana seat and sissy bar, crank sprocket and chain all for $37! Another few dollars in hardware and I had myself a Manta Ray type cruiser. Hell yeah!

Even fabbed up some sissy bar extenders so the seat will reach my ass! Chrome acorn nuts make up for their lack of flair... She rides just fine! Think i'm going to go out for a ride right now...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Port Awesome

Trips like theses are some of my favorites because they don't take very much time or money. The golden ticket lies within a couple of tanks of gas and a free weekend to spare. It was our first overnighter of the new season, and Kelly's first go around on her new sporty. Took the coast all the way up to meet her folks at our favorite spot in the tip of the thumb, Port Austin a.k.a Port Awesome. 

The first few miles after leaving the house are not always my favorite. Still getting settled in, everything feels sort of out of place, and traffic is always slow and exhaust filled.

But luckily it doesn't take long to escape the city and find your knees in the breeze.

My new favorite little dive bar is in Marine City, located right next door to an MC club house. 5 plays on a real jukebox and 50 cent pool are reasons enough to set down the kick stand for a half hour or so.

If only the whole ride looked like this. Even though on a map M-25 hugs the coastline of the thumb all the way around, you're lucky if you see more than 3 miles of actual water. The stretch from Algonac to Port Huron is my favorite. You get to see the road meander just feet away from the river, and watch as the ferries and freighters run between Canada and the U.S. 

I managed to loose all four pool games of the day to Kelly. She was quite proud of it.

Not nearly enough chrome on that sporty, better top it off with a chrome visor. Chrome dome. 

Love me a shot like this. 

Acutal Kelly quote from the weekend; "I'm really trying to get more into using my middle finger, flipping people off more." Well here's a start. What a sweetheart.

 We arrived to a warm fire and cold beers, courtesy of Kelly's folks, two of the kindest and most generous people I know.

The super moon was nothing short of spectacular. Incredibly sharp shadows as if spotlights were beaming down from the heavens. I feel asleep in my folding chair all too early. 

Kobi is Kelly's parents rescue pooch with a heart of pure gold. She's the most relaxed hound dog i've ever been around, but when you're down to get down, she's all about it, tearing up and down the beach and swimming in the ice cold waters like its no big thing.

Trying to get into the habit of taking this shot every time we go up there now.



The ride back home was zen like. Sunny skies and 70 degree temps, just slicing down the two lane road. After six months of a weird and crapy winter and spending way too much time frustrated in grid lock traffic sitting in a pick up truck, we finally achieved the total mind clearing status you only get while riding a motorbike. Thinking about nothing and everything all at once, leaving the window to your mind wide open for whatever blows in, unrestricted to linger or leave at its own will. Thats why motorbikes are so great. Now get out there and ride yours. Long live the Road Couch Mother Ship.